OpenDA installation for Windows users

Note about 64-bit systems

Windows XP is a 32-bit operating system, but some versions of Windows Server, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are 64-bit operating systems and can install the 64-bit version of Java. All native components of OpenDA are currently compiled for 32-bit versions of Windows only. If you need these native components on a 64-bit system, you have two options:

Step-by-step installation

  1. Ensure that Java version 1.6 or higher is installed on your computer, for instance by typing java -version on the command-line. In the unlikely case your Java version is too old, you can download the latest version from
  2. Download OpenDA from
  3. Extract the OpenDA distribution file to the desired location on your computer.
  4. Note: OpenDA does not work when it is installed on a location with a space in the path (like "...My Documents").
  5. It is no longer needed to edit the startup bat scripts, as in previous versions of OpenDA.
  6. If you use the command line (cmd.exe) then it is probably convenient to add the directory bin within the OpenDA directory to the path (right-click om 'myComputer' and then 'advanced' then 'edit environment').