OpenDA installation for Mac users

Step-by-step installation

  1. Ensure that Java version 1.6 or higher is installed in your computer. You can check what version is installed with java -version.
  2. Download OpenDA from
  3. Extract the OpenDA distribution file to the desired location on your computer.
  4. A number of system variables need to be set before OpenDA can be run. The first variable that should be set is $OPENDADIR. This variable should point to the bin-directory of your OpenDA installation. For example:
    export OPENDADIR=/myhome/openda/bin.
    The other variables are set by the script in the directory $OPENDADIR. This script will try to call the local script with machine specific settings $OPENDADIR/settings_local_<hostname>.sh.
    You must create this sript yourself. Copy the file to a new file named settings_local_<hostname>.sh in your $OPENDADIR (unless that file already exists). You can check your hostname with the hostname command. Then edit that file: enable the relevant lines and change the values of the environment variables.
    The default local settings script might work out of the box for your system. You can use this script by
    . $OPENDADIR/ mac
  5. Most convenient is to set the varables automatically. Add in the .bashrc in your home directory, the following two lines:
    export OPENDADIR=<bindir>, with <bindir> the location of the bin directory of your OpenDA installation.
    Note that the '.' is significant in the latter of these lines.