Building the OpenDA native source code (Windows)

This page describes how to build the OpenDA native source code on Windows computers. The source code is located in the core\native directory of the source distribution. The Microsoft Visual Studio solution file is located in the costa_vs2008 subdirectory.

Note about Microsoft Visual Studio and Intel Fortran

The solution and project files provided are for the following version of the development environment: When you use a newer version of mentioned tools, it is fine to upgrade these files to your version. In case you are working from the repository, please do not check in these upgraded files.

Building step-by-step

  1. Load the solution file core\native\costa_vs2008\costa_core_vs2008.sln into Microsoft Visual Studio.
  2. Select whether you want to perform a Release build or a Debug build.
  3. Start the build process with Build All.

Note about the Intel Fortran library path

In some installations of Microsoft Visual Studio, the Intel Fortran library path is not added to the library path during the installation (and integration) of Intel Visual Fortran. This will lead to a link error about one or more missing libraries, usually ifconsol.lib,

If this is the case, solve it by either: