Building the OpenDA native source code (Mac)

This page describes how to build the OpenDA native source code on Mac computers. The source code is located in the core/native directory of the source distribution. On Mac computers, the native sources are compiled using the XCode development environment.


  1. Install XCode.
  2. Install a GFortran compiler that is compatible with your Xcode installation.
  3. Install OpenMPI (the same version as Xcode) with fortran support (--ensable-static --enable-dynamic). and insert the path in front of your %PATH% and %LD_LIBRARY_PATH% variables.
  4. Install a Java Development Kit (JDK).

Building step-by-step

  1. The first step is starting the configure script, usually through ./configure. This will detect the configuration of the computer being used and will warn when specific requirements are not met. When all requirements are met, make files will be generated. It is possible to alter the behaviour of the configure script by using command-line arguments. The most important ones are: Do not forget to scan the configure output for warnings. Those are often very informative.
  2. Build (compile and link) the source files.
  3. Copy the resulting libraries (and executables) to the place specified using configure's --prefix= command-line argument.